• What makes Virtual Reality different from other technology

    What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated, 360-degree environment and scenario that can be experienced using a head mounted display (HMD)(Yoo, et. al, 2022). It is a fully immersive, computer-simulated environment that gives the user the feeling of being in an environment different from the one they are standing in. Features of […]

  • Young boys being shown how to use head mounted display for virtual reality

    Virtual reality games for socio-emotional learning

    Games are not just games, they can become important tools for making our society better and more habitable – VHCI Lab Technological advancement, the internet, and improvements in new media have transformed every area of human endeavour, including work and leisure. While it is a known fact that the world of work has been completely […]

  • What Children think about Virtual Reality

    When people ask whether virtual reality will be a real thing or just the next 3D, what I always say is, ‘Take a headset, walk outside, and the next person you meet, put it on them and see what the reaction is.’ Chris Milk The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes has translated man […]

  • A brief history of the VHCI Lab

    VR is not new, but has experienced a resurgence, making it ‘new’ here in Nigeria, as it is in the rest of the world. Our journey with VR began in 2017 during a visit to Gannon University. It as at Professor Ikechukwu Ohu’s VR lab at Gannon that we first experienced what changed the course […]

  • This is VHCI!

    The Virtual Human Computer Interaction Lab @ the Lagos Business School. Researching immersive technologies across the human psychology divide!

  • How we welcome visitors to the lab

    People have different ideas about Virtual Reality before they come to the lab. Most think “gaming”, while others admit having “no idea” about what to expect. We know the possibilities of VR and we know that while many experiences are gamified for increased engagement, gaming is far from the the main goal in VR. What […]